no. of article: S1011

petite àdition N° 01

4 A5 cards with onesided relief hotfoil embossing. Teh theme winter cloth brougth us to this implementation. Paper Gobi 440g/m2. 2 color offset printing. 


no. of article: S1009


Little pocket with stickers to put into the book you want to borrow somebody. So it will find the way back to you. Brass bookmarker included.


no. of article: S1000



no. of article: A4913-1

Postcard sampler swiss traditions

Concertina fold german and french: Frontside hotfoil stamping with hologram film

Unspunnen: Relief embossing one side

Appenzeller Chläuse: Silver relief embossing one side

Vogel Gryf: Gold microembossing 

Betruf: Pop up

Cowfigth in Wallis: Laser engraving on Treasury

Charcoal burner in Entlebuch: Partial laminated paper with windows

Machine embroidery from St. Gallen: Embroidery lasercutting on 80g black paper


no. of article: A4238

Businesscard sampler

Businesscard 1 Hotfoilstamping with relief. Backside laminated

Busniesscard 2 Micorembossing gold

Busniesscard 3 Relief embossing, Backside laminated

Busniesscard 4 Lasercutting

Busniesscard 5 Debossing, Backside laminated

Busniesscard 6 Lasercutting 3-layers, red paper laminated in between


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