Rendez-vous des créateurs 2017

Impressions from the first Day

Today again from 3pm to 9pm
Cocktail at 6pm
Free Entry


Invitation Rdvc 2017

les 25 et 26 octobre au nest à Vevey. Entrée libre de 15h à 21h.

Chaussée de la guinguette 10



Luxepack Monaco october 2, 3, 4, 2017

Splendide, sobre, sublime magnifque, awesome, fabulous. Nice, when our customers connect this adjectives with our products.

www.Luxepack Monaco


Independent Paper Show

special thanks to:

Luciano Dell'Orefice for his lovely paper scenogrpahie design.


ArtWorkLove for their unique graphic design for the invitation.



Pictures of the urban pattern contest are uploaded

See the wonderful artwork made on laser cutting. Size 60x90cm.

see all pictures